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Welcome to If you're looking to design your own t-shirts, please feel free to use the templates below. It can be difficult to keep track of CafePress' image sizing, so by using these templates, you should save yourself a lot of hassle. One thing to note about the ".ai" templates is that the size that Adobe Illustrator generates is not quite what it is supposed to be at times. Once you've generated the file in Illustrator, take the jpg, gif, or png (don't use is an awful format) file and open it in Photoshop, ImageReady, or your photo-manipulation software of choice and tweak the canvas size.

In Photoshop or ImageReady, select Image > Canvas Size and adjust the size.

Basic graphics note: If you're saving something that looks like a photo, use "JPEG" (which stands for "Joint Photograper's Expert Group"...remember JPEG=Photo). If something looks more like a logo or graphic, you probably want to use "GIF." GIF is an acronym for "Graphics Interchange Format."

CafePress Image Size Chart

.AI Templates
The Illustrator files contain white objects on a white background. To see the object, press "CTRL-A" to select all and then press "D". This will convert it to a white object with a black stroke.

.GIF Templates
The gif files are 2-color indexed color files. To edit in Photoshop or ImageReady, select "Image > Mode > RGB color." When done, select "File > Save For Web" and save the file.

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