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We have three great models and one...not so much.

I admit, I'm not Mr. Photogenic, but I haven't had a chance to get the help needed to find guys to model.

Dayna Delux models 'Cherries!' V-neck women's tee

Dayna Delux - Sweetheart

Model. Sweetheart. Bombshell. What is there to say about Dayna Delux? She's a pin-up girl of the kind they used to make. The kind that detective writers used to talk about for pages. Check out her website. Seriously. Trust me on this.

She just rocks...and makes my shirts look really good.

Fannie Matic models 'Warning! Contents May Be Hot!' women's tee

Fannie - Tough

Jammer for the Houston Roller Girls' "Burlesque Brawlers," Fannie can kick your ass and look good doing it! The Brawlers speed around the flat track on their skates while the rest of us watch and try to keep up with what's going on.

Personally, I like the shiny necklace...

Iza models 'The Four Rules of Chemistry' Cap Sleeve Tee

Iza - Smart

Working on an advanced degree in Molecular Bio or something, Iza is so smart it's scary.

Which is a bit of a turn-on.

She also: studies martial arts; plays with sharp, pointy things; and sings from the Buffy Musical Episode at the drop of a hat. She has two cats: Delilahdamnit and Schrödinger.

Clint at some random hangar dance

Clint - Geek

Nicknamed "Danceslut," for his habit of dancing with anyone, anywhere, he designs websites and tee shirts the way some people buy shoes. Overall, a NiceGuy.

He also has the annoying tendency to write about himself in the third person, but still manages to surround himself with gorgeous women...at least on his websites..

Photo Credits

The wonderful people who have been kind enough to help me get photos for the website. They deserve credit...and your business.

Lux Photography

Photos of Dayna Delux courtesy of Lux Photography. © 2007


Joann Mixon

Photos of Fannie taken by Joann Mixon of jo photo studios. © 2007

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